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Brian Grunert, Forced Evolution, Politics and American Exceptionalism


May 13, 2020


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Brian Grunert is the founder and partner at White Bicycle, a branding and design studio based in Buffalo, New York. Brian is an incredibly thoughtful and articulate person, who also happens to be a talented designer and successful business owner. We started chopping it up about how we're adjusting to the COVID-19 world both personally and professionally. That quickly shifted to us speculating about the lasting changes this current situation will make to our culture. And from there, we touched on marketing, politics, American exceptionalism, advocacy and why we think it's good that a couple of jokers from Buffalo record an unplanned and unscripted conversation and share it for public consumption. Enjoy.


CJ & Brian Discuss Business Ownership, Forced Evolution, Politics and American Exceptionalism



Conversation Highlights

We spoke for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Our conversation touched on the following:

  • How we're adjusting to life in the COVID-19 world.
  • What White Bicycle is doing to evolve and provide more value to its clients.
  • How businesses can innovate to make their products and services more accessible (permanently).
  • The "forced evolution" people and businesses are entering and how it might change our society.
  • Our optimism for the future (while recognizing the cynicism that exists).
  • Why politics gets in the way (and what's broken about our current political system).
  • What "American Exceptionalism" means to us.
  • Why I started this "podcast" during this time of uncertainty.

Full Transcript

Decided not to go for the full-transcript on this one. Who would honestly read 1 hour and 40 minutes worth of text?

Connect with Brian

To learn more about Brian's work, or get in touch with him, visit his company's website here.