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Heather Caroccio on Health, Wellness and Being Your Own Body Whisperer


May 7, 2021


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Heather Caroccio on Health, Wellness and Being Your Own Body Whisperer - The Fling - A Podcast by CJ Maurer

Heather Caroccio is an entrepreneur and wellness coach based out of Geneseo, New York.  She owns and operates a preschool, as well as recently starting up Wellness Matters.  Wellness Matters, her new health and wellness business, offers nutritional consulting, group programs, and more.  Heather is extremely passionate about helping busy individuals slow down and love themselves enough to get educated on their own health and wellness.

In this episode, Heather and CJ discuss podcasting, new wellness fads, and why “working on yourself” is a life-long journey.

Heather and CJ Discuss Health, Wellness and being your own "Body Whisperer"


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Episode Overview

  • Both CJ and Heather are new to podcasting in the past year.  They discuss their models of preparation and how they’ve organically developed their own comfort zone for each of their respective podcasts.
  • Heather relates her blogs and podcasts as a “platter” of health and wellness.  With so many options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she loves being able to present people with new ideas and see what fits best for them.
  • They discuss all of the distractions in life that take away from listening to our bodies (ie. phones, social media, etc.) and how listening to the messages your body is sending can help you tune in to yourself and personal wellness.
  • CJ calls to example the Peloton Bike.  People view it as a luxury, whereas there are many more expensive things (ie. vehicles) that are seen as more "necessary".  Whereas investing in a piece of equipment, wellness treatment, or self improvement should be more universally prioritized. 
  • Heather is seeing people that have a greater work/life balance, be more productive in their careers.  Prioritizing their wellness even during the work day, helps them be more focused when it's time to circle back to work.
  • CJ admits that he used to feel like wellness solutions are too "hippy dippy".  Heather had been of the same mindset, but used her quarantine period to sign up for her health coach education courses, which helped changed her understanding the balance between traditional medicine and wellness.
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition courses opened her eyes to a whole new world of wellness and leaves her eager to continue her education.  That vigor carried over into the creation of Wellness Matters and she discovered her passion for helping others on their wellness journey.
  • Heather talks about her "Choose You - How to love yourself" program.  The program consists of a downloadable guide/workbook that has several modules to guide you through the process of learning how to love yourself!
  • She remarks that people don't turn to Eastern Medicine as an option until they are facing a crisis or diagnosis that leaves them feeling like they need to exhaust all options.  She's hoping to change peoples thinking, and welcome some eastern ideas as a portion of prevention, before they decide the "need" it. 
  • CJ can relate to doing things he knows he shouldn't, and justifying them in the moment, while paying for the choice later.  "It feels like betrayal".  Heather has a great free guide to eliminating "self-sabotage" on her website.