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Local SEO: Amplify Your Online Visibility


April 23, 2024


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Local SEO is a more targeted search strategy with the goal of specifically capturing local markets. But if your firm works with clients all over the US or worldwide, why invest in a B2B local search strategy? Using a "smaller and more local" search strategy can work well with companies that have offices all over the country. It allows for a national SEO approach to be applicable in more niche search landscapes... usually being more effective.

Why Local SEO Matters

There are countless benefits to improving local online visibility. Many people use location-based searches for finding companies "near me" or within their city. If someone is searching a query that specific, then they're most likely further down the conversion funnel and if your business is the answer to the question they have.... you win.


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Strategies for Local Search

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google is often the first place anyone go to learn more about a business. This makes your Google Business profile the cornerstone of implementing local SEO tactics. As a last check, oftentimes searchers will scour the Business Profile for reviews and comments, so having an optimized and controlled profile is key. These Google Business profiles also take up a lot of real estate within the branded search landscape, which is crucial for controlling the conversation surrounding your brand.

Write compelling copy in the "from the business" section that includes relevant keywords you know searchers use. Include unique, high-quality photos showcasing your workplace, team, products, etc.. Make sure that your business is in the correct category and that the address, phone number and hours of operation are always up to date.

Integrate Local Keywords.

When choosing which keywords to prioritize in your web content, find out what local users are searching for. Your region may use a different phrase that doesn't align with what most national or global searchers use. Your research may reveal that you need to use city names and broader keywords like "office supplies near Buffalo, NY." For instance, no one says "soda" in western New York, we only say "pop." 

Secure Relevant Backlinks.

Optimizing your backlink profile is a classic SEO strategy and a tough one to do properly. However, acquiring backlinks from relevant, local businesses is imperative for ranking purposes. Stop worrying about domain authority and focus on your local community.

For example, an event planning company would want to target backlinks from nearby convention centers, venues, business services, and local blogs.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Over-optimizing Pages

Optimize your website crawlers but write content for users because they're the ones making purchasing decisions. No one will be reading through a stale blog article that seems written for a robot.

Neglecting User Experience

Your pages need to be user-friendly, simple and answer the question searchers are looking for. If you're not doing that very quickly on both mobile and desktop, then you're missing out. CRO and UX are the two hidden gems that most SEO strategies lack. 



Local SEO is often overlooked (especially for B2B companies!), but it can be a powerful pillar of your organic channel. Discover how The Gist can amplify your company's organic footprint and help you dominate local search results. Learn more about our inbound marketing solutions.