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Professional Happiness Coach Barbara Leggett Coaches CJ Live


January 8, 2021


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Barbara Leggett on The Fling - Professional Happiness Coach Life Coaching Session

Barbara Leggett is the founder of the Happiness Center of Western New York. As a Professional Certified Coach who is also certified in happiness studies (yes, there’s an academy for that), Barbara helps her clients live their best lives, both professionally and on personal levels. Here’s a woman who has read the research on the science of happiness and knows how to apply it to everyday living. In this episode, you’ll learn more about happiness coaching, whether it’s right for you, and get a taste of it for yourself as Barbara coaches CJ live. Enjoy!

Barbara and CJ Discuss Happiness Coaching and Give You a Taste of the Real Deal


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Episode Overview

  • Barbara has dedicated nearly 500 hours to training in coaching and happiness studies, obtaining multiple certifications along the way, some of which hold internationally, and she never ceases training. She truly is an expert on happiness. 
  • Oftentimes people think of happiness as a goal, thinking “I will be happy when [fill in the blank].” According to Barbara, the science of happiness tells us that when we’re happy, we’re more likely to have great relationships, be successful, live healthier, and even live longer lives. 
  • Barbara’s definition of “happiness” is that lasting kind of happiness that doesn’t change with circumstances. It’s not fleeting satisfactions but rather sustained peace, no matter what hits you. 
  • When a person feels far from happiness, they are often in need of a simple mindset shift. Barbara’s role is to “shine the light on” her clients’ current mindsets and help them adjust accordingly to find opportunities and joy in everyday situations. Practically speaking, this means asking probing questions.
  • Can actions lead to mindset shifts? Or do mindset shifts have to happen to prompt action? Barbara suggests there is a direct relationship between thoughts, actions, and feelings. Each one influences the other.
  • I share my biggest obstacle to happiness with Barbara. You can hear how she begins to coach me into a mindset shift in this episode. Besides getting a taste of a live coaching session, you’re bound to pick up a few productivity tips and encouraging sentiments during this segment of our conversation. 
  • Barbara offers a free hour of coaching to give people a chance to determine if they’re ready for coaching and if Barbara is the right person for the job. If not, she’ll help you find the right person. She also gladly accepts speaking engagements. 
  • As a final note on coaching, Barbara explains that it is not a magic wand that will make problems disappear, but rather that coaching is for people who are committed to living their best lives.