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What the Clearbit Acquisition Means for HubSpot Users


November 15, 2023


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What the Clearbit Acquisition Means for HubSpot Users

In a move that’s set to change the game for users, HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan has just dropped a major announcement: HubSpot is acquiring Clearbit, the data titan known for its in-depth company insights and software that detects buying signals across the web.

For HubSpot users, this means one thing—your customer data insights are about to get supercharged.

Why This Matters

Imagine, as a HubSpot user, having access to data on over 20 million companies at your fingertips. Now, this won’t be just surface-level information. We’re talking over 100 rich attributes for each company, including the likes of demographic details like identifying key decision-makers and technographic data such as the marketing automation products they use.

The Future is Data-Driven

The acquisition is more than just a merger of tools; it’s a blend of philosophies. Clearbit’s mission to ‘Solve For The Customer’ dovetails with HubSpot’s ethos, making this acquisition a strategic alignment of visions. HubSpot’s powerful customer platform is about to be bolstered by Clearbit’s comprehensive dataset. For HubSpot users, the implications are huge: more detailed customer insights, improved prospecting with data-driven AI tools, and personalized outreach at scale.

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What’s in Store for HubSpot Users

The integration of Clearbit is not a distant promise. With Clearbit's existing integration with HubSpot, users can expect to see the benefits of this acquisition quickly. This means enhanced capabilities in identifying and monitoring prospective customers’ buying intent, using data both from within the HubSpot ecosystem and the wider web.

Clearbit’s expertise isn’t just in data—it’s in the application of data. With a deep bench of B2B data experts, including CEO Matt and CTO Harlow, Clearbit is poised to enrich HubSpot’s culture and technological prowess.

Immediate Benefits and Long-Term Plans

Clearbit will remain available as an individual product after the acquisition is complete, which assures a smooth transition for current users. The strategic integration into HubSpot’s offerings will unfold over time, aiming to create a seamless experience for users.

Wrapping Up

With Clearbit on board, HubSpot is poised to offer something truly game-changing. For HubSpot users, it’s time to get ready for a whole new level of customer insight and engagement.

At The Gist, we are excited to explore the many ways in which these new tools and enriched data can benefit our clients.